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Who's Who at BAEPD

BAEPD Council Members:

Pritesh Sonpal (Lexon (UK) Limited)
John Cochrane (Strathclyde Pharmaceuticals Limited)
Julio Iglesias Jimenez (Beachcourse Limited)

(see Members' List for contact details)

Secretary General - Richard Freudenberg

Richard Freudenberg has worked in the PPDI since 1990, for 15 years as Finance Director and subsequently as Managing Director of founder BAEPD member, Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group Limited.

Richard has also been a BAEPD Director and member of the association's managing Council from December 2001, and acceded to the BAEPD secretariat in 2005. He has during this period also been (since 2011) Chief Executive of, and twice President (2007-2008 & 2011 to date) of EAEPC

His contact details are:
    (office) 01302 885 704
   (office) 01302 885 949
   07971 645 194

   c/o: Doncaster Pharmaceuticals Group, Unit 6, Kirk Sandall Industrial Estate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN3 1QR