Delivering Pharmaceutical Value

Become a Member

BAEPD is always happy to extend to new associates the benefits of membership, among which are:

  • Open participation to BAEPD working groups

  • Knowledge sharing and networking opportunities with BAEPD members

  • Co-operation with other stakeholders of the supply chain

Criteria for applicants requesting BAEPD membership

  • The applicant must be a company registered in UK
  • The applicant company must hold a Wholesale Dealers Licence ('WDL") issued by the MHRA
  • The applicant company must hold a Manufacturer & Importer Authorisation ("MIA') issued by the same regulatory body
  • The applicant company must hold a minimum of 100 Parallel Import Product Licences (PLPIs) (subject to majority member discretion)
  • The applicant company must sign the Deed of Adherence and pay the appropriate joining fee
  • The applicant company must successfully complete an EAEPC 'Good Parallel Distribution' audit

For more information, please use our Contact Form.