Delivering Pharmaceutical Value

What We Do


The Association represents the Parallel Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry in its relationships with, amongst other bodies:

The association also has strategic alliances with other professional and trade organisations representing sectional interests within the pharmaceutical industry both within the United Kingdom, the European Union and indeed other geographical areas of the world.

The BAEPD is a national affiliate member of the EAEPC (European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies).

The BAEPD is always prepared and willing to meet with any professional organisation which has similar aims and objectives with a view to determining in which ways some form of co-operation might be mutually beneficial.

Policy Development

The Association is to the forefront of developing policy and discussion documents to enhance the value offered by the PPDI to the pharmaceutical industry through, for example, its strengths in the distribution and supply chain.

Meetings are held at regular intervals where issues of common interest to members are explored and action programmes agreed for implementation. Organisations who might wish to contribute in this forum are invited to contact the Secretary-General (see Contact Us).