Delivering Pharmaceutical Value


  1. Access to knowledge and expertise developed by members

  2. Provision of Legal Helpline on issues involving parallel trade through Maitland Walker LLP and on IP facts through MPA

  3. Support with legal cases where the action will be of benefit to all members, subject to specific mutually-agreed rules

  4. Form letters and standard responses to assist in dealings with trademark owners

  5. Information on issues that concern the parallel distribution industry

  6. Considered responses to ad hoc issues that arise

  7. Liaison between the PPDI and the media in general, the trade press in particular

  8. A forum for an exchange of ideas and opinions

  9. Opinion forming and lobbying on behalf of the PPDI (particularly in light of Brexit)

  10. Participation in industry consultations

  11. Provision of reference materials and financial intelligence to Government