The British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors (BAEPD) is the professional organisation representing 14 companies all of whom possess the appropriate Licences granted by the Department of Health through the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the competent regulatory authority.

These Licences authorise the specific Company to whom such approvals have been given, to source prescription pharmaceuticals from any member state within the European Union (EU) and to distribute such products into the supply chain in the United Kingdom, normally either to the retail pharmacy, the dispensing general practitioner or Hospitals/Clinics.

Member companies engaged within the Parallel Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry (PPDI) purchase licensed prescription medicines from whichever country has the lowest price and distribute them in a country where the price is higher. A considerable saving therefore is achieved by the Health Service providers (and the Government), a saving which helps in the drug cost containment programme while enabling added value to be realised within the sector.

The PPDI is primarily concerned with ensuring that the high standards of public health safety as laid down and enforced by the relevant persons within the MHRA are maintained. To this end the BAEPD has its own Code of Conduct to which member companies must adhere.

Please feel free to take a look around our website. Included on the pages inside you will find a summary of the case for parallel imports, a history of our sometimes troubled relationship with the drugs manufacturers, and a list of BAEPD members, as well as information on what BAEPD does for its members.

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